10 WordPress Themes to Create a Video Game Review Blog

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Let’s take a tour of the video game world by reviewing a range of high quality WordPress themes used on video game review blogs.

These WordPress themes have a modern magazine-style layout that includes space for large images, social media button integration, and many other pretty cool features. Check out this selection of premium and free WordPress themes to help you create a video game website.

But first, if you have never installed WordPress, find out How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to Find, Install and Activate a WordPress Theme on Your Blog 

Then let’s get down to why we’re here.

1. Game addict

Game Addict is a premium clan and game WordPress theme. This will give you the opportunity to unleash your passion for the game while creating an unusual website. It allows you to create and manage wars, including different maps, game teams.

As a professional WordPress theme, it has many features such as: different themes for each game, Visual Composer , many photo galleries, fully responsive layout, and more.

 2. oblivion

This premium WordPress theme is designed for all gaming platforms, video game streaming and gaming community.

Create using the latest HTML and CSS techniques , it allows you to create a review website or blog portfolio for your games.

3. GameLeon

Gameleon is a premium responsive WordPress theme, powerful and very easy to download, which will allow you to create a website or blog dedicated to video games.

Typically, this product has a very minimalist approach , aiming to get rid of items that might distract your potential visitors. In terms of customization, several font icon libraries have been added. You just need to choose the ones that suit your vision well enough. Its layout is also very easy to customize as it relies on an intuitive visual page designer.

4. Fork

Forca is a premium dark WordPress theme designed for gaming, sports, car and gadget sites.

With an integrated review system and a powerful control panel, it’s packed with useful features and making your personal styles a breeze. The overall design is quite responsive and none of your clients will have a problem accessing your site when using smartphones or tablets.

5. Game log

GamingMag is a premium minimalist and very elegant WordPress theme focused on a gaming magazine. It is the perfect WordPress theme for gaming portals and gaming items.

GamingMag can give your blog a fresh flair, and with its options bar, you have complete control over your content.


This new premium WordPress theme is designed for all gaming platforms, video game streaming, gaming community and any esports competition. Arcane is a WordPress theme, the color scheme aims to highlight the players, games, competitions and all other services offered by most of the websites in this niche.

Even though this WordPress theme is new and recent, it comes packed with powerful features such as a great tournament management system, a task management system, the ability to manage teams, BuddyPress support for your site’s community , and more.


The premium Godlike WordPress theme does exactly what it was designed for. He is a good candidate who can make any webmaster doubt the choice of a WordPress theme for their site. It should be noted that this WordPress theme is of course designed for building any video game website.

  1. Adrena

Adrena is a premium WordPress theme designed to create any paintball club website. But given the flexibility of its layouts and the perfect image management, you can use it to create a video game website. 

Extremely well structured, its implementation will be very fast thanks to a set of modern and advanced tools designed to quickly build websites. 

  1. Gamez

Gamez is a premium responsive WordPress theme designed to create websites for video games, movies and music review websites. 

It is easy to install and has a simplified interface with many options that will allow you to write great reviews, and why not make money through affiliate links .

This WordPress theme is based on a powerful framework – underscores – giving it great modularity and flexibility that you can take control of thanks to the visual page builder and many other plugins that will allow you to easily establish yourself in the sector.

10. GoodGame

GoodGame is a premium WordPress theme designed to help you build a platform or online player community with ease. Its layout and the flexibility of the latter also make it ideal for creating a video game news magazine website.

You will find support for the most popular plugins, some of which are integrated for free, multilingual support thanks to WPML support , great and varied typography , social media sharing support , a great review system, and more.

It is one of the most complete premium WordPress themes in the niche, and the many features it offers are a great example of this.


There! That’s all for this list of 10 best premium WordPress themes designed to create video game review blogs. We hope the latter helps you find the Holy Grail you are looking for.

However, feel free to consult our resources if you need more elements to implement your website building projects, check out our guide on Blogging with WordPress or Divi: The Best WordPress Theme of All Time .

Until then, feel free to send us your comments, comments and suggestions in the dedicated section. And above all, share this article on different social networks .

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