BBC reports worldwide infection of children with little-known RSV

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Doctors in the United States , the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Japan have reported that children around the world have begun to become infected en masse with the little-known respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes respiratory illness, the BBC Broadcasting Corporation reported. 

Cases of infection of infants and children with this virus were recorded back in April, intensive care units were immediately overcrowded, said Rabia Agha, head of the department of pediatric infectious diseases in a New York hospital in the United States.

Initially, doctors suggested earlier this year that there would be a decline in the incidence, but it only began to grow. Doctors considered the strange behavior of the virus to be an indirect consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic : due to quarantine measures and wearing personal protective equipment, children did not develop immunity against the virus.

Once restrictive measures were relaxed, RSV infected infants and children susceptible to the virus. At the same time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assures that most children have the virus in the form of a cold with a runny nose and cough. But in some, RSV causes bronchiolitis as well as inflammation of the lower lungs.

For children most at risk of contracting the virus, doctors suggest immunization with antibodies.

On September 14, infectious disease doctor Andrei Pozdnyakov warned of the risk of exacerbating COVID-19 with seasonal diseases . According to him, a combination of coronavirus with other respiratory infections typical for autumn is not excluded, that is, the formation of so-called mixed infections. How the “delta” strain will behave in such conditions is still unknown, the doctor explained.

Pozdnyakov also admitted that more cases will be among children, since the school year has begun and schools and kindergartens have started working in full-time format.

On September 5, scientists reported that the delta strain of coronavirus does not cause severe COVID-19 in children and adolescents. According to them, after the spread of the delta strain, the percentage of children with severe symptoms only slightly differs from the indicators in the period before the appearance of this variant of COVID-19 and does not reach the level of statistical significance.


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