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Dance aerobics, sports, step aerobics and other types.


Every morning, Brazilian football players begin their warm-up with step aerobics, because in terms of the load on the body, it can be compared with long-distance running at a good pace.


Aerobics is a combination of various exercises accompanied by rhythmic music, its history dates back to the 1960s. It was preceded by the Greek orchestrika (dance gymnastics), which was revised by many physiologists. Now there are more than 50 types of aerobics – classical, step aerobics, sports aerobics, strength, dance aerobics, aqua, fitball, slide and many others. In 40 countries around the world, you can easily find an aerobics section on the list of local fitness centers. On the territory of our country, aerobics became widespread in 1984, when all the cities of the USSR on the Central TV channel watched several minutes of rhythmic gymnastics inserted into the morning program.


The sports form of aerobics appeared in 1983, thanks to the Frenchman Georges Demeny. Since 1990, competitions have been held in which athletes from more than 15 countries took part. The program of the first competition included individual performances for men and women (separately), pair and trio performances. The rules and program for artistic gymnastics (aerobics) competitions are now regulated by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). Participants are divided by age and gender. The program includes solo numbers, duets (mixed pairs), trios and group complexes. Each performance is evaluated by 10 judges, divided into teams for assessing artistry (4 people), complexity (2 people) and performance (4 people).


For aerobics, special rhythmic music is usually used – without breaks between tracks (for 50-60 minutes), with a frequency of beats from 130 per minute, at the end of an hour-long composition, 5-10 minutes of music is often added to relax.


At the moment, it is known that, by doing aerobics, you can not only correct your figure or improve your physical condition, but also overcome nervousness and depression, by getting a lot of positive emotions, as well as alleviate the course of arthritis and osteoporosis.




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