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Jumping into the water is not as safe as it might seem from the outside, because a blow to the water of a body that has fallen from a five-meter height can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, athletes in diving must first learn the technique of entering this element.


Jumping into the water has been practiced since ancient times – various engravings and images of this date back even to the 6th century BC. At different times, people jumped from rocks, bridges, into wells, and this was caused not only by the need, but also by the desire to experience the feeling of free flight, at least for a few seconds.


The history of modern diving can be traced back to 1794, when Oronzio de Bernardi (Naples) published a pamphlet that indicated jumping techniques similar to those of today. Since the end of the 19th century, such jumps have passed into the category of sports hobbies. In every country, people began to appear who wanted to learn this skill. For the first time diving entered the program of the Olympic Games in 1904. Medal kits were awarded for the platform jump and the long jump. Now there are 8 sets – 2 sets (for men and women) for jumping from a 10 m platform and a 3 m springboard, as well as for synchronized jumps from a 10 m platform and a 3 m springboard.


This sport is evaluated by a team of 7 judges on a 10 point scale. After setting the results, the highest and lowest marks are discarded, and the sum of the remaining ones is multiplied by the difficulty coefficient.


This sport has become popular with Russian athletes since the beginning of the twentieth century. National championships have been held since 1923. According to the results of the Olympic Games (from 1952 to today), Russian diving athletes are among the top three in the world (after the United States and China) and they hold first place in Europe. Our athletes have their own records in this sport. For example, the largest number of gold medals at the World Jumping Championship that went to one country is 5 (won by Irina Lashko, Yulia Palakhina and Dmitry Sautin).



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