Doctor: antibodies are removed over time, everyone needs to be vaccinated against coronavirus. Exclusive

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Those who had been ill with coronavirus , and later were vaccinated against COVID-19, will have, if not “bulletproof”, but stronger immunity than those who escaped the disease. The new strain of coronavirus, whatever it may be, will not be a disaster for those who are vaccinated.

This is in exclusive short interview OBOZREVATEL told PhD, associate professor of dermatology departments, Allergology, Clinical and Laboratory Immunology NUOZ name P.Shupika Tatiana Bondarenko . She also commented on a recent opinion poll in which half of Ukrainians called the most effective protection against coronavirus not vaccination, but hand washing.

Is there a “bulletproof” immunity to coronavirus

The authoritative publication Science published an article that spoke about the synergistic effect of enhancing the immunity of a person who had had a coronavirus and then was vaccinated. The authors stated that “hybrid” immunity is stronger than immunity obtained from disease alone or only after vaccination.

Immunologist Bondarenko generally agreed with these conclusions. “I can’t talk about the” bulletproof “immunity in those who got sick and then vaccinated. But we can talk about the average protective properties. I admit that such people may have better immune protection,” she said.

“I think that people who have had a wild virus, and not a vaccine strain, have some antibodies. How long they last and what their protective titer is, we do not know. we know. We do not have such information. More time is needed for special studies, “the doctor admitted.

“But we know that antibodies are removed over time. Therefore, those who have been ill are still vaccinated. When a person is vaccinated, he receives additional antibodies,” the doctor said.

There will be new strains, but Ukraine will not need “plan B”

On the eve of the next wave of coronavirus, fears are increasingly voiced that new strains of COVID-19, which will inevitably arise, may be insensitive to vaccines. For example, the UK even developed a special “Plan B” in case the worst-case scenario comes true.

But the catastrophe does not threaten the vaccinated even if new strains of coronavirus appear, the immunologist assured. “The incidence is growing, the strains of the coronavirus continue to mutate, and they may differ slightly from the original, which was in 2020. But if we carry out vaccination, then it is effective for any strains,” she said.

“The vaccines with which we were vaccinated will protect even in the situation of new strains. Let not 100%, but 90%. Because the structure of the virus has not completely changed. Therefore, it cannot be said that the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus will be a disaster. Nobody can give guarantees that people will not get sick. But we can definitely expect that there will be no serious or fatal cases among those vaccinated, “Bondarenko said.

Will hand washing save you from coronavirus?

The Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation conducted a survey on the attitude of Ukrainians to the coronavirus. Specifically, people were asked what they considered the most effective protection against COVID-19. In the first place, they put … washing hands after the street. Vaccination was only in sixth place.

“Most of all, in the first five answers, I was surprised that no one said about vaccination. Prevention is precisely vaccination. The main thing is that a person has antibodies inside,” the doctor said.

According to her, the contagiousness, or infectiousness of the coronavirus, and especially the Delta strain, is so high that “it will never come to washing hands.”

“New strains are transmitted after 5 seconds of contact with the patient. If earlier, in order to get infected, you had to sit with the patient, talk to him for a long time, now we may not know who and where brought us the virus. The infection rate is extremely high,” she said. doctor.

As an alternative to the top remedies named by Ukrainians, she announced her own list:

  • The first is vaccination
  • The second is to avoid crowding.
  • Third – personal protective equipment (mask)
  • The fourth is hand disinfection.

“The main thing is ‘shielding’ by distance. It is necessary to avoid crowds. And, of course, there must be a mask. It will protect. Plus hand disinfection. Ideally, hands should be washed first and then disinfected,” the doctor explained.

“If you neglect all this, especially vaccination, people can get sick several times, in more severe forms. The virus contributes to the development of an autoimmune process, a cytokine storm, so treatment protocols are not always effective,” she warned.

The immunologist explained what a cytokine storm is: “This is a condition when the body tries to overcome the virus, but in fact the defense is ineffective, it releases all inflammatory mediators. Whether the virus dies in this case is a big question, but the lungs are destroyed.”


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