Eating as a family is healthier

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The  Mediterranean Diet  recommends talking, sharing with family, friends, colleagues,… enjoying food. On occasion we have heard the phrase: “the family that eats together stays together” *, which a recent study published in  “Obesity Research & Clinical Practice”  seems to reaffirm, since it tells us that the study subjects who ate alone at least twice a day were more likely to be obese, more men especially due to increased abdominal fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prediabetes ** (known as metabolic syndrome) compared to those who always they ate with others.

One of the important changes in the eating habits of industrialized society is precisely the loss of the habit of eating as a family. When eating habits are acquired from childhood and are maintained at school age, the family plays a decisive role in making them healthy.


In the family environment (parents, siblings, grandparents, …) is where you experience, observe and learn what to eat, what to drink, what to cook, what food to buy, … Everything influences the acquisition of dietary habits, from what is found in the refrigerator, what is put in the shopping basket or what is taken to school for mid-morning or snack. Taking care of the psychological, emotional and social aspects are also learned, eating as a family. Eating in a pleasant environment, taking the opportunity to refer to things that have happened at school, work and also avoiding conflicts, arguments, helps to enjoy food and make a family.

“The family is a fundamental value for the individual and society that we must take care of.”

Eating with the family with the television on can be negative by making conversation at the table difficult, or also the origin of an argument. During these times, advertising and marketing strategies for food and beverages have an important presence and we already know that these advertising messages, the situations that are shown in movies, television series, promotions during the holidays, etc … are far from being healthy. You can take advantage of these moments to be critical of advertising and get positive lessons for a healthy diet, to be informed consumers or to rationalize the time of watching television, playing the game console, using the computer or other sedentary activities.

All this is a little effort that is worth it”




* This phrase may come from “the family that prays together stays together”, I believe that neither one nor the other has a scientific foundation nor I believe that they can be demonstrated, I consider that the family is a fundamental value for the individual and the society that we must look after.

** Prediabetes: situation in which an individual presents basal venous blood glucose values ​​between 101 and 125 mg / dl and / or a glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) equal to or greater than 5.7% and less than or equal to 6.3%.

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