How do you know if you are really passionate about travel? You’ll be surprised

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Asking yourself this question and identifying if you have certain signs that indicate whether traveling is your passion, is fundamental, it will depend on whether it is worth buying the one-way bus or plane ticket, which will change your life. Do you see travel just as a vacation enjoyment or do you want to make it a lifestyle? find out here: How do you know if you are really passionate about travel? You’ll be surprised

Traveling on vacation is not the same as living traveling. When we talk about living traveling, you must fall in love with all those aspects that are suddenly not so exciting, but which in turn are part of the love of traveling.

Along these lines, you will discover if you have that passion for traveling. We already know we have it … And you? Could it be that you have traveler syndrome-like us? Did you know that there is actually a syndrome called: “Wanderlust” and it is the obsession with traveling. The word comes from wandering (excursion, trip, ride) and lust (desire, longing). The literal translation of wanderlust into Spanish would be “ wanderlust ”. It is understood as a need without limits of destinations, it is to satisfy the curiosity for the unknown.

According to studies carried out by some scientists, this syndrome is found within us, in our genes, some of us are born with it and the intention of this article is to determine if you were also born with the same syndrome.

Some features to help you know:
✓ People who have this gene in most cases are more imaginative
✓ They easily make relationships with different types of people
✓ They love to explore new smells and flavors
✓ They are people who in turn positively accept all kinds of changes
✓ They enjoy adventures by limit
✓ They are aware that each experience brings a personal contribution
✓ They are daring and love risks

There are people who do not feel that imposing desire to travel, obviously, they do not have this syndrome. Suddenly they feel afraid of leaving their comfort zone, or simply nothing moves their instincts when talking about travel, when they take vacations from their jobs they only think of staying at home resting, or perhaps staying in an all-inclusive hotel and forget about everything, as long as possible.

But since the idea of ​​this article is how to know if you are passionate about travel, that is why we bring you information of interest on this topic. Suddenly you have heard or read about Dromomania. This is also known as a synonym for the previous syndrome, it is the excessive inclination or pathological obsession to move from one place to another.

How do you know if you are really passionate about travel? You’ll be surprised
In English, it is also called traveling fugue, something like traveling fugue. The first time we read this word, we thought that it did not exist, but after digesting its meaning, we realized that we have a lot of identification with that word. Did you imagine it? Actually neither we, but we always knew that something was not normal within our being for many years.

Questions you should ask yourself to find out
Are you one of those who, when you return from a trip, live regretting going home?
When you know a destination or place, do you want to know others and others?
When reading an article related to travel, do
you immediately stop to read it in full?
Do you love hearing or reading stories from travel bloggers who have been around the world?
Would you like to find a job that allows you to travel to many places?
Do you live marking on a map the places you want to know?
Do you visualize yourself in several places at the same time?
Do you think that when traveling your life makes sense?
Does knowing different types of cultures make you curious?
Do you feel an endless desire to try different types of food?
Do you learn other languages ​​without problems, to communicate on trips?
When you talk to your friends, is it always you who brings up the subject of travel?
Thinking about packing is not a headache for you?
Do you collect travel-related souvenirs, postcards, and outfits?
Do you live influencing others to organize trips, even if they are short?
If of all the questions you answered more than eight affirmatively, it means that you are approaching the club of travel enthusiasts. But, there is still a little more left to know if you are really passionate about travel. You must be very aware of the situations that are experienced in travel, not everything is rosy, and this is the third and last stage:

Considerations to declare yourself passionate about traveling
✓ Get cheap flights and accommodation
The task of carrying out these searches becomes a bit tedious and you have to be patient, but you enjoy it, it’s like when you need to go to the market to buy your food, there are people who like it, others who don’t. In this case, not stressing out is the key, based on the recommendation to travel slowly. Here the comparison is vital to get the best prices on flights. Don’t let
the stress of the search get the better of you.

✓ Delays at airports
Be aware that these delays can be many hours and always be prepared for it, is for off-road travelers.

✓ Needs at airports
The greatest need in most cases is hunger, and if you travel at a low cost more. A lot has happened to us and for that, we always carry non-perishable food in our luggage.

✓ Needs during flights, long journeys or on roads

They can generally be hunger, thirst, or physiological needs. It is also necessary to be prepared, carry water, pills for any eventuality, generally dizziness, bags, toilet paper, among others.

✓ Accommodation needs
Always try to find central accommodation that does not make you travel so much to get there. If you are one of those who still do not travel with a high budget, looking for places where they offer a kitchen and do not spend so much money in a restaurant, it is essential. In our case, we are not at all demanding in this regard, as long as the place to stay is clean and has an optimal internet connection to be able to work our business, we really take little importance to the rest. The important thing is that it is optimal and adequate in turn to get enough rest.

✓ Lack of public transport or with very high costs
Be very aware that traveling also means walking a lot, either because you like to know the places on foot or because public transport is scarce or high. You have to be prepared to walk a lot.

✓ Clothes are not a problem for you
The fewer clothes, the more comfortable you will feel, if packing is easy, the rest will be super, hyper easy.

✓ Get lost and ask
In this sense, you have to leave the pain behind, if you suddenly go to a place where they do not understand your language and you get lost, you must be prepared and have the address you are looking for at hand, as well as the locations on the map, but beyond that the willingness to ask without problems.

✓ Have an open mind in each country you visit.
In this sense, we refer to the ability to adapt, understand and understand the customs and habits of the place. You have to remember that you are the one who is passing through their territory, you should rather feel part of them.

✓ Leave the exquisite palates
If perhaps you are one of those who have delicacies when it comes to eating and it is difficult for you to eat everything to satisfy your hunger. It will be a bit difficult to travel the countries because different cultures have different foods, which you must be willing to try and not limit yourself to looking for a Mcdonalds in each place you arrive. The idea is that you try and not only take away the memory of the place but also the flavors. We are good search engines in this regard, so it is best to look for typical food places.

✓ Getting sick on a trip
If you are one of those who travel without international insurance, you run the risk that if a health situation arises and you are in a destination where health is paid, such as Dubai and they do not attend without the cancellation of the consultation or the emergency, everything is complicated. You must purchase insurance.

✓ Facing language barriers
If we talk about communicating, it is very, very important, to know at least English. It is such a universal language that in most countries far from Latin America they speak it. You shouldn’t be afraid of not speaking perfectly. Mastering an intermediate level at least will help you a
lot. Now if you don’t know any English and want to travel, although it is not the best option, it is the one that many travelers have applied; have the translator app on hand on your cell phone. We always try to research before traveling, the language and at least learn some basic modal phrases, words to request an address, and words to buy
a meal. You have to dare to speak without fear, the majority of native people will understand that you are trying to communicate and we are sure that they will help you.

All these situations described above and many more can occur in travel and it is important that you know them before knowing if you are passionate about travel.

If after having answered affirmatively to more than eight questions described and having read all these aspects that a trip entails and even the passion is alive, then you really are able to declare yourself a: True Passionate about travel.

How do you know if you are really passionate about travel? You’ll be surprised
We understood all this and we love every aspect that includes living traveling, that is why we share it with you so that you know everything you will face and at the same time declare yourself a passionate infinity of this lifestyle.

Now tell us, do you enter the passionate club? Yes or no? Did you determine if you really are passionate about travel?

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