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It’s not just a museum, but a true hub of creativity. Oslo is ready for the new Munch “skyscraper”


Not just a museum, but a real hub of creativity. Oslo is prepared for the new Munch “skyscraper”
Thirteen floors, eleven galleries, countless exhibition spaces, concert and performance halls, an auditorium for conferences, bars and restaurants, a contemporary library, many relaxation areas and a tremendous panoramic terrace with a view over the entire city.
It is an irony to call it a museum. Because the new Munchmuseet in Oslo, which opens next October 22, may be a creative and dynamic hub, dedicated to the Norwegian arts, culture, avant-garde, where the protagonist is clearly Munch . With 26,000 works exhibited in various environments, it’ll not only house the world’s richest collection of the artist’s works, but it’ll even be the most important museum ever created reserved for one artist. This new exhibition space will lookout of the extraordinary artistic heritage left by the painter as a legacy to his city. an area to measure , “a museum to which you’ll return many times”, because the director Stein Olav Henrichsen says.
There is tons of anticipation for the inauguration, during which it’ll finally be possible to go to the new structure, walking through paintings, drafts, graphics, drawings and sculptures made by the author, also as his many personal objects, memorabilia, letters and pictures . Among the treasures that the museum holds are monumental wall paintings, like The Sun (1909), which spans almost 8 meters, also as several versions of Munch’s iconic work, The Scream, including an early study in pastel from 1893 and a rare later version.
Designed by the Spanish studio Herreros, the skyscraper may be a glass work quite 57 meters high, which rises above the waters of the Bjorvika area, transforming the city’s skyline. the highest floor opens onto a lookout that gives a number of Oslo’s most spectacular views. In fact, the thought was to create a tower so high on allow you to admire both the capital and its fjord, enjoying Munch’s art within the scenographic context during which it had been born.
The translucent facade reflects the colours and changing conditions of Oslo’s skies: the new building was inspired by the painter’s reference to the Norwegian landscape and his propensity to color outdoors altogether seasons. The tower of the Munchmuseet, with its angular shapes, futuristic design and essential lines, is tilted at the highest . The skyscraper – over 26 thousand square meters of total surface – rests on a coffee volume, a base that instead offers three levels, with different environments to measure in.
All while paying great attention to sustainability, a topic that has always been very dear to the city: the architects have chosen materials like low-carbon cement, used for the structural parts, and recycled aluminum plates for the external cladding.
In addition to retracing the history, vision and evolution of the artist, showing the distinguished permanent collection, the museum also will host temporary exhibitions, which can investigate Norwegian culture and therefore the many influences of the master on the contemporary scene.
This space will undoubtedly become the new heart of Oslo’s artistic life, with exhibitions, shows, concerts, performances and lots of events.



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