Lifeguard robots, pajamas and smart cribs, the strangest technology of CES 2020 in Las Vegas

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The technology fair has surprising gadgets beyond the big names in the sector

At the big technology fairs such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the IFA in Berlin (Germany) or this CES in Las Vegas (United States), maybe the big names in technology. However, in these huge events, technology reigns supreme and in the corridors of the exhibition halls the protagonists are neither smartphones, nor tablets, not even the almost ubiquitous Alexa or Google Assistant.

CES 2020 has been that of sex toys, but the Health and Well-being category, the place where this sex tech was welcomed, is a mine of gadgets for the “good life.”

Sleeping at least eight hours is a mantra that doctors repeat and this year CES in Las Vegas has adopted it, although this city like New York does not seem to sleep.

Although more than one fellow journalist has tested the smart beds once again present in the corridors of the Las Vegas Convention Center for more than an hour. Connected to the smartphone, these mattresses are capable of quantifying sleep, analyzing air quality, and even being a bit of a snitch, because they record whether you snore or not.

In addition, they have sensors for the most cold that allow to regulate the temperature inside the bed. But technology goes one step further and this year, along with the bed, connectivity has reached pajamas.

Designed for older people, older look is defined by its designers, detects if the person wearing it has tripped and fallen and activates an alarm that notifies a previously selected family member of the incident.

The pajamas monitors heart rate, breathing, and vital signs while the wearer sleeps and also provides information on sleep patterns. The tracksuit does this too and also tracks your activity level and encourages you to walk if it is low.

Dyslexia Technology

Also to improve learning and help the little ones, a French startup has presented this CES a lamp that helps in reading. Thanks to the combination of modulated and pulsed light “it makes it possible to erase the mirror effect seen by a dyslexic”

It is not the only technology this CES is trying to fight against this reading disorder. Lexilens is another solution, but in the form of glasses designed for children. They have a series of miniaturized electronic circuits specially designed to help filter out the mirror images that dyslexics see when trying to read.

Smart cribs

“It is the perfect solution for sleeping at night.” This is how those responsible for mamaRoo at CES define this newspaper. It is a smart crib capable of emitting soothing sounds and rhythmic movements to help your baby fall asleep better.

It is capable of emitting up to 5 unique movements, imitating different real activities, such as a car ride, smooth and successive jumps, a swing, downward curves, and actions in circles and is also connected to the smartphone so it can be followed in time real how the little one of the house is.

The king of CES

However, the king of gadgets in Las Vegas this 2020 has been Rollbot, the little life-saving robot. Controlled by Bluetooth through the smartphone, it is capable of answering the user’s call for help and offering him toilet paper in the event that he does not have on hand.

In addition, it has a small screen that shows an innocent face that shows the quality of the air inside the bathroom. At the moment it is a prototype, we will see if it reaches the market in the coming months.

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