Russians become leaders in the number of tourists in Cyprus

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In August this year, the flow of tourists to Cyprus has tripled compared to the same period in 2020, most of the guests arrived from Russia – almost 87.5 thousand people, or more than 27 percent of all holidaymakers, the Cyprus Statistical Office said on Friday.

“In August 2021, the island received 321,858 tourists, an increase of 208.7 percent compared to August 2020, when 104,261 arrivals were recorded, and 41.9 percent less than in August 2019,” message.

The statistical office clarified that guests from Russia were the main source of tourism last month, accounting for 27.2 percent (87,427) of the total number of arrivals.

Guests from Great Britain accounted for 22.9 percent of holidaymakers (73 683 people), from Poland – 7.1 (22 893), from Ukraine – 4.6 (14 863), from Greece 3.9 (12 546) and from Germany 3 , 2 percent (10,284), the statistical office said.

In July 2021, Russians also had the largest number of tourists in Cyprus – 83,926 people, or 28.2 percent of all arrivals.

In total, 960,150 foreigners visited the island from January to August 2021, which is 126 percent more than last year.


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