SpaceX, Falcon 9 takeoff: the first space flight with only civilians on board

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SpaceX, Falcon 9 takeoff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. At 8 pm local time, shortly after 2 am Italian time, Elon Musk’s rocket set off for the first time on a journey into space with four civilians on board.

SpaceX, Falcon 9 takeoff: another milestone

The Falcon 9 rocket housed the spacecraft Crew Dragon space, and 12 minutes later the takeoff came off to continue his journey into space. All regular as expected, he shouts for joy at the American control station. A part of the rocket then detached to descend and land on a platform positioned in the Atlantic Ocean, on the marine drone “Just read the instruction” (in English, “Just read the instructions”).

SpaceX: Falcon 9 takeoff with only civilians on board

No professional astronauts on Falcon 9 this time, the four civilians will travel for three days in orbit around the Earth, at a height of 575 kilometers beyond the International Space Station, located 408 kilometers above the Earth. Civilians aboard the Crew Dragon Resilience capsule will watch Earth from space.

This unusual crew is made up of Jared Isaacman, billionaire entrepreneur commander and financier of the expedition, Hayley Arceneaux , cancer survivor and prosthesis wearer, Sian Proctor selected among e-commerce users and Chris Sembroski , aerospace engineer chosen among the donors of a fundraiser for charity.

After Falcon 9 takes off, SpaceX is aiming for tourist flights around the Moon

Elon Musk dreams big and definitely has the means to do so. SpaceX is building its fame on the reusable rocket business , cutting the costs of space missions. The Starship spacecraft is also under development, which will be able to carry up to 20 tons of cargo in geostationary transfer orbit and up to 100 tons in low orbit.

In 2023, therefore, the first tourist flights around the moon should start, which will see the rich Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa as the first customer.


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