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The narrator of the new world


Just last year, for the primary time, the Swedish Academy of the Nobel prize awarded during a single year the 2 prizes like 2018 and 2019 within the category of Literature. Apparently, issues associated with corruption within the distinguished institution left the 2018 version temporarily deserted, which nevertheless gave an award-winning winner along side the author chosen successively for the year 2019. The young Polish writer Olga Tocarczuk
and the already established Austrian writer Peter Handke received the award respectively within the same traditional ceremony conferred by the philanthropic organization. Just last year something appeared to announce to us that a lot of things would cease to be and be the way that they had been which the planet , as after the Second war , would never be an equivalent again. This past year – painful among the unpublished images of a universal pandemic – might be the primary during which the Nobel prize has been awarded virtually altogether its categories. Surely this may be the case and it’ll even be the
first year during which we attend, during a virtual way, everything that we took without any consideration within the pure act and today, surprised by otherness.



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