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The playlist of the best new songs of the week


On TIMMUSIC Tommaso Paradiso, Mannarino, Enrique Iglesias, Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga, Blind and

The last part of the summer brings a wave of new music, especially Italian.

The catchphrases that have ignited the hottest months of the year are ready to give way to the top of the charts to dozens of albums and songs fresh from publication. Let’s see what are the new releases of the week by listening to the special TIMMUSIC playlist

Tommaso Paradiso is back. Waiting to discover the entire solo album of the former frontman of Thegiornalisti, Space Cowboy , here is Magari no , the perfect song to listen to “with cannon volume”. The single is a romantic and melancholy dedication that reminds us that “tomorrow the sun will come”. The piece, thanks to the writing and delicate strokes of the Roman artist’s pen, sets particularly nostalgic and dense feelings to music.

 And speaking of great emotions, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are also back on the scene , ten years after their record together Cheek to cheek. Soon another one will be released, the last of the duo formed by the crooner and the pop star, anticipated by the single already known to fans  I Get A Kick Out Of You and the titletrack Love for Sale . The album that will be released on October 1st is a tribute to the songs of Cole Porter.

 The debut project of Lil Nas X , an American rapper who climbed the charts with the hit  Old Town Road, also arrived on TIMMUSIC . The record is titled Montero and is an honest, emotional and confidential story by the 22-year-old artist (born Montero Lamar Hill) about who he has become. The title is a clear homage to Luca Guadagnino’s award-winning film and invites deep reflection: “Do you really love your neighbor as yourself, so much so that you call him by your name?”.

There is also Mannarino among the musical novelties of the moment. With V, the Roman singer-songwriter takes the listener on a journey through different cultures, places and feelings. The artist invites us to appeal to the ancestral wisdom of human beings. His new album speaks the languages ​​of the world, imbued with forest sounds and indigenous voices recorded in the Amazon. Mannarino goes in search of the tribal and atavistic source of humanity, proposed as the only and powerful contemporary antidote to the brutality of the inhuman. Nature, patriarchy, animism, femininity, man-woman relationship, these are the themes addressed in the most political and visionary album of her career.

The young rapper Lele Blade launches Ambizione , a record that contains several collaborations, including the feat of Paky, Ernia, Yung Snapp, Geolier, Vale Lambo and MV Killa. New project also for Fast Animals And Slow KidsIt’s already tomorrow is made up of 12 songs, including Come un animali (with Lodo Guenzi from Lo Stato Sociale), Cosa ci direbbe (featuring Willie Peyote), Senza deluderti and Stupida song

We also see Blind , a talent that emerged from XFactor 2020: the new piece by the rapper class 2000 is Popolari , a trap song with a tight beat in which, through its bars, it tells about the popular neighborhood from which it all began and the goals he wants reach with his music, bringing with it the desire to never give up and to get as far as possible, always remaining true to himself.






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