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What timeless basics to have in your wardrobe?



Confused about what clothes to keep or even buy? Is finding your everyday outfits a real nightmare? Take stock of the essential and timeless basics to have in your wardrobe and to twist with all the sauces.
If we had to have a top, a bottom, a pair of shoes and an accessory, what would they be?
There are several types of basics but if we had to recommend a top it would undoubtedly be the white shirt and the white, black or gray cotton t-shirt . They are very versatile clothes that adapt to all occasions. As for the bottom, it would be black pants well cut. On the flats side, choose black leather moccasins . They are very easy to wear and, more importantly, are back in fashion. Finally, for the accessory, opt for a beautiful leather handbag in a classic color. To have a more casual style, raw jeansis the bottom to have. With the return of slim in particular, we can find a way to have a relaxed style without being neglected. For the top, prefer a blouse that is a little wide and loose . With this, thin white leather sneakers or simple shoes with a low heel will be perfect. For a more elegant outfit, mix jeans with a white shirt, and on the feet, obviously, a pair of black or navy blue pumps .
Is the role of basic clothing to be able to be worn on all occasions?
The basics are several things. First of all, it is true that the basic is timeless, out of fashion and that it can normally be worn on any occasion except for a wedding, for example, where jeans are not really an adequate outfit. The basics are also the garment that will suit me. For example, some women do not like to wear jeans and will prefer a skirt. In this case, their basics will be the skirt. It is true that for many women, jeans, white T-shirts and pumps are basic, but above all, it is important to find your signature. And then, the basics are not boring. This is why your basics will not necessarily be the same as those of your friends. Finally, the basics are a quality garment:a beautiful straight black coat for example. It won’t go out of style, it’s a classic.
What advice would you give to a woman who would like to revamp her basic wardrobe?

The ideal would be to buy among others and to name a few: jeans, black pants, a little black dress , a white shirt, marcels and loose cotton t-shirts for the summer to recycle winter under a cardigan, a neutral-colored cashmere sweater, a black blazer , a straight coat in navy blue, black, gray or beige wool, a beige trench coat .
As for accessories, buy: a belt in natural or black leather , black opaque tights , a beautiful classic watch , sunglasses of a not too marked and original trend, a leather bag.
Finally, for shoes, a pair of moccasins, black pumps, thin white leather sneakers, very simple black leather sandals and pretty riding boots will do the trick. Don’t forget that every woman has her basics, so it’s up to you to define the clothes you need and in which you feel good.




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