Yoga as a multifaceted benefit

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Yoga is used by some military organizations to develop stress resistance and the ability to concentrate on important points during external stimulus. For example, American soldiers do yoga instead of exercise, while in Russia yoga is used to train rescuers, submariners, cosmonauts, and scouts.


It is impossible to say exactly about the time of the emergence of yoga, but during excavations near the Indus River, clay tablets were discovered, the age of which was more than 4 thousand years, with the image of people in meditation poses. One of the legends says that the art of yoga was spread practically throughout the territory of modern Eurasia and Latin America, but only in India and Tibet it was preserved in its fullest form.


Many instructors agree that yoga is not just a set of exercises, but a way of life. Many Tibetan monks left the world to meditate alone to learn the “truths of the universe”. But the modern concept of yoga does not require people to be alienated. A person needs to find his place in the society that surrounds him. Socialization of yoga allows everyone to self-actualize physically and spiritually.


The yoga system is divided into several sections – physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, spiritual practice and more. Physical exercises are always performed smoothly, which excludes injuries and stretch marks. Respiratory gymnastics helps to saturate the body with oxygen. Meditation will not only teach you to disconnect from problems, but also to concentrate your attention on important issues, to reveal the reserve capabilities of the brain (for example, “brainstorming” within one head). Spiritual practices are aimed at studying oneself and the principles of human interaction in society and with the environment.


Many wellness aspects of yoga have been proven by scientists. For example, it can reduce stress levels and have a beneficial effect on the respiratory, digestive and other systems. Regular exercises also cheer you up and help you consider emerging problems from different angles.


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